Using Outcomes Data

Data Use Policy

The Data Use Policy explains the access, conditions of use, and pricing policies for the BC Student Outcomes data. It includes information for third-party data users.

Guide to Working with Outcomes Data

The Guide to Working with Outcomes Data provides both new and experienced users of Outcomes data with helpful hints and important guidelines for using these survey data. It presents background material to help users understand and interpret the survey results, and it highlights many of the issues that must be considered to ensure that Outcomes information is communicated in an effective and accurate manner.

Glossary of Terms Used in Student Outcomes Publications

The Student Outcomes Glossary of Terms explains the various terms used in the student outcomes publications based on the APPSO, BGS, and DACSO Surveys. It includes an appendix showing the two program area groupings commonly used in Student Outcomes publications: CIP Code Roll-Up to Program Area and the BC CIP Program Clusters.