DACSO Highlights

These brief reports highlight findings from the annual BC Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes (DACSO) Survey (formerly called the College and Institute Student Outcomes (CISO) Survey). With the release of the publication BC Student Outcomes - The 2009 Highlights, findings from the Apprenticeship Student Outcomes (APPSO) Survey, Developmental Student Outcomes (DEVSO) Survey, and the Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS) were also included.

These reports answer four main questions:

  • Who are former students?
  • Were former students satisfied with their education?
  • What were former students doing a year after leaving school?
  • Were former students prepared for employment or further education?
BC Student Outcomes - The 2011 Highlights
BC Student Outcomes - The 2010 Highlights
BC Student Outcomes - The 2009 Highlights
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