DACSO Papers

Papers using data from the Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes Survey are produced annually to address specific issues or present information on topics of interest to B.C.'s post-secondary institutions and the provincial government.


Papers using 2011 DACSO Data:

Alignment of Education and Jobs: Students from B.C.'s Certificate and Diploma Programs

Papers using 2010 DACSO Data:

Learning "New Tricks": Midlife Learners from Public Post-Secondary Certificate, Diploma, and Associate Degree Programs

Trades Foundation Programs as Preparation for Apprenticeship

Papers using 2009 DACSO Data:

Completers Versus Leavers: Beyond the Simplistic "Drop-Out" Label

Trends in Employment

Relocating to Study

Papers using 2008 DACSO Data:

Age of Learning English: How Does it Affect Education and Employment?

Papers using 2007 DACSO Data:

Student Finances: Borrowing and Other Sources of Funding for Post-Secondary Studies

Lifelong Learners in British Columbia: Outcomes of Students Who Had Taken Previous Credentials

Papers using 2006 DACSO Data:

Careers in Patient Care: A Look at Former Students from Nursing and other Health Programs that Focus on Patient Care

Papers using 2005 DACSO Data:

What makes a successful educational experience? An exploration of the factors that contribute to student satisfaction and goal achievement

Student Mobility Patterns: Tracing the Movement of Former College, University College, and Institute Students, In and Out of College Regions

Trades Training in BC Colleges, University Colleges, and Institutes

Papers using 2004 DACSO Data:

Supporting Learners: Using a Framework to Interpret Learning-centred Outcomes

Learning Online: Distributed Education in 2004

Papers using 2003 DACSO Data:

Meeting the Costs: Post-Secondary Student Funding and Debt

A Comparison of Former College, University College, and Institute Students: Short Stay Versus Completers

Evaluating Student Services

Papers using 2002 DACSO Data:

Outcomes of Working Students: Workers Who Study Versus Students Who Work

Labour Force Issues - Selected Topics

Understanding Student Satisfaction

Papers using 2000 DACSO Data:

Technology-Based Course Delivery

Generic Skills Needed in the Labour Force

Personal and Social Development in Education

Further Education of Former Arts and Sciences Students

Papers using 1998 DACSO Data:

Gender Differences in BC College and Institute Student Outcomes

Outcomes of Former College and Institute Students from High-Tech Programs