DACSO Publications


The Highlights contain findings from the annual BC Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes (DACSO) Survey. As of 2009, this publication also includes findings from the Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Survey (APPSO), the Developmental Student Outcomes Survey (DEVSO), and the Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS).

Key Student Outcomes Indicators

Many of the indicators considered key for education planning are presented in this report for each of the participating institutions. The  Key Student Outcomes Indicators (KOIs) are presented in groupings that correspond to the survey's main themes: respondent attributes, satisfaction levels, employment outcomes, and further education.


A number of DACSO papers have been produced to address specific issues, present information on broader topics, or explore research questions.

Analytical Reports

BC Stats and the BC Student Outcomes Research Forum occassionally produce analytical reports on student outcomes focusing on different aspects of students' education experience.