The Short Stay Early Leaver Student Outcomes Survey

There is significant interest in obtaining survey data from students who leave the B.C. public post-secondary system without a credential. Such students who left after taking only a few courses are "short stays." "Early leavers" persisted almost to the end of their program, but left short of graduation. Why did they enrol? Why did they leave? What could have been different about their post-secondary experience to have encouraged them to stay?

The 2009 Short Stay Early Leaver Student Outcomes (SSELSO) Survey was developed to provide information that will help us to fill the gap in our knowledge of the outcomes of former students who leave the public post secondary education system after completing a relatively small number of courses.


Without a Trace: An Examination of Former Post-Secondary Students who Left the System Without a Credential and Did Not Return

Completers Versus Leavers: Beyond the Simplistic "Drop-Out" Label


SSELSO Questionnaire