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Student Outcomes Reporting System (SORS)

About SORS

SORS is a web-based, interactive tool that can present up to ten years of data from the BC Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes (DACSO) Survey, and up to nine years of data from the Apprenticeship Student Outcomes (APPSO) Survey. Data from the Baccalaureate Graduates Survey (BGS) for selected institutions is also included. 

To ensure the confidentiality of data, access to SORS is limited to participating institutions and the Ministry of Advanced Education. The public may access survey information through the Survey Results tool.


BC Student Outcomes data are collected under the legal authority of the Statistics Act and in accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act legislation.  As an authorized SORS user, you are granted reasonable rights of access and use of the data for educational or policy research.  Note that any use of the data implies acceptance and agreement with the terms and conditions set out in the BC Student Outcomes Data Use Policy.  The source of data must be acknowledged in all documents and communications. Reports produced through SORS may contain low frequency cells, so please take appropriate steps to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal privacy.  

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